tiny texter


tiny texter uses texting to communicate.

instant, simple, useful

“everything I’ve wanted in communicating with my customers. no longer having to rely on eyeballs from instagram is everything.”

- derek from my friend derek’s

“i love tiny texter. it’s so easy to use and i love that i can send messages to my customers without having to rely on social media. i’m so excited to use it more in the future.”

- katie from the sweetest katie


send a text message to your customers in seconds. no waiting for approvals, no waiting for a response. no kicked to the back of their stories feed.


no need to learn a new platform. tiny texter is built on top of the tools you already know and love: words.


customers sign up for your text messages. you send them. you own the data. you can use it however you want. (as long as you’re not spamming them.)

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we’re still in beta, but we’d love to have you try it out.

$5/month for up to 1000 messages.